Common Uses for Mobility Scooters

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 15-Feb-2018 14:00:00

Mobility scooters are similar to wheelchairs, but are designed like motor scooters. They are useful for a variety of things and help people be able to move around and go places when otherwise they would not be able to.

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6 Tips To Maintain Your Scooter

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 13-Feb-2018 11:00:00

For many the mobility scooter is sometimes the only way that people can move with ease outside of their homes. It’s an important part of their life and perhaps some would say that their scooters are their legs.

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10 Tips For Mobility Scooter Safety

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 08-Feb-2018 14:00:00

For those living with disability the mobility scooter might be the only way to meet those people; however although mobility scooters needs to be respected by pedestrians and drivers just like any other vehicle it’s a two way street.

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Postural Challenges and Seating Solutions Seminar

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 06-Feb-2018 11:00:00

You are formally invited to attend a seminar at Active Mobility Systems by Dr Barend ter Haar. Dr Haar is the managing director of the BES Rehab at Bristol, UK and has been an active member of the ISO Seating Standards Committee for 14 years.

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Five Fundamentals For Dementia Carers

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 25-Jan-2018 14:03:00

Caring for someone with dementia can be daunting, perhaps even challenging, however it’s not as one would expect. The crucial aspect to caring someone with dementia is the right attitude and by educating yourself about dementia.

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Getting Up After A Fall

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 23-Jan-2018 14:05:00

The aftermath of a bad fall can be confronting, not to mention upsetting, as it is hard for the elderly and those that live with disability. However the question we want to answer today is how to get them back on their feet after that fall in a manner that is safe and dignified.

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How To Help A Paraplegic

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 18-Jan-2018 14:00:00

A paralysis-causing injury can be distressing not only for the patient, but also to those around him. Paraplegics lose the use of their legs, their movement, their freedom. This is life-changing and they will need to have specific type of care in order to live their life to the fullest.

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5 Myths About Spinal Cord Injuries

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 16-Jan-2018 11:00:00

Around 12,000 people in Australia today have a spinal cord injury (SCI) with 350 – 400 new cases recorded each year.

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Top 5 popular compact scooter

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 11-Jan-2018 11:09:00

When we think about scooters we usually think about the big, bulky scooters that are heavy to lift and more than likely you probably can’t put them anywhere.

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5 misconceptions occupational therapists myths debunked

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 09-Jan-2018 09:02:00

Occupational therapists helps a lot of people by teaching them how to adapt to everyday life despite the conditions that their clients have undergone. However there are still some misconceptions about them that we will address in this article.

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