Your #1 Disabled Bathroom Plan for Ease of Use at Home

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 22-Jul-2021 14:00:00

There comes a time in everybody’s life where we need a little more assistance at home. Whether it’s due to illness, disability or age, everyday activities can become a real challenge if you aren’t properly equipped with assistive tools and products.

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How To Apply For The NDIS: All The Essentials You Need To Know

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 01-Jul-2021 11:00:00

Shopping for disability support equipment or assistive technologies? There is a possibility you could claim these purchases through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), otherwise known as the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

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Your Guide to Mobility Scooter Insurance and Coverage

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 03-Jun-2021 11:00:00

According to a recent survey completed by Scooters Australia, 25% of mobility scooter users have had an accident at some point, even if it was only a minor accident. Quite often, mobility scooter accidents are caused by poorly made footpaths or ramps, car accidents, or pedestrian accidents. 

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8 Examples Of Manual Handling Equipment in Aged Care

Posted by Kristina Magathova on 25-May-2021 14:03:00

Older clients depend on their carers to assist them to move and transfer from one place to another safely and with dignity. It is necessary for carers to develop the skills to use manual handling equipment efficiently.

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How Fast Are Mobility Scooters Allowed To Go?

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 13-May-2021 11:00:00

As a mobility scooter owner, you want the ability to travel from point A to point B as fast as possible. Whether you’re heading to the shops or meeting friends for lunch, you have places to be and you don’t want to be limited by the speed of your mobility scooter.

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Shower Chairs: Guide To Finding The Right One For You

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 25-Mar-2021 11:00:00

Shower chairs are one of the basic equipment for those living with disability or for ageing people when it comes to hygiene. These simplistic chairs allow a user to simply sit on the chair and either shower themselves or be showered by a carer. Additionally it provides users with a safe and comfortable place to rest while showering if they aren’t able to stand for long periods of time.

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Topics: patient care, patient hygiene

Signs That Your Hoist Needs Maintenance

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 25-Feb-2021 10:00:00

Patient lifting hoists are one of the many ways that people who live with disability move around. These hoists are especially popular with group homes and customer homes as most of them are portable and are easy to use.

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Topics: patient lifting, service and repair

How To Maintain Your Power Wheelchair's Batteries

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 11-Feb-2021 11:15:00

Mobility power wheelchairs are one of Active Mobility’s core products and one of the main ways that people who live with disability become independent once more. However, like all electrical equipment they require the use of batteries and they need to be maintained to ensure optimal performance.

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Topics: power wheelchairs, Power Mobility

Misconceptions About Compact Mobility Scooters

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 28-Jan-2021 14:10:00

Compact mobility scooters are one of the core products that Active Mobility focuses on, however while mobility scooters have been around for a while there are still some misconceptions about lightweight travel mobility scooters. This could lead to an uninformed decision when purchasing them. That’s why today we’ll list some of those misconceptions and get some facts on whether or not it’s true.

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2020 Blogs in Review

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 17-Dec-2020 10:00:00

With 2020 almost over it’s time to reflect back on the past 12 months. It’s been a year of ups and downs, especially with what’s going on around us at the moment. Here at Active Mobility we’re still able to assist our customers with providing them with mobility equipment that they need as well as providing useful information in our industry.

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