What Is Required When Handling A Bariatric Client?

Posted by Irene Narayan on 31-Oct-2023 16:50:47

Transferring a bariatric client requires knowledge, technique, and compassion at every step. Find out what’s required for bariatric client transfers here.

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Celebrating Occupational Therapy Week & "UNITY THROUGH COMMUNITY"

Posted by Irene Narayan on 30-Oct-2023 15:03:05

We’re celebrating Occupational Therapy Week 2023 at Active Mobility! Hear from one of our experienced OTs and what “unity through community” means to them.

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3 Examples Of Wrist Support For Carpal Tunnel

Posted by Irene Narayan on 29-Sep-2023 10:06:34

Simple tasks like feeding, dressing, or computer work shouldn’t be an uphill battle. Carpal tunnel syndrome can leave you struggling to perform everyday activities that most of us take for granted — however, there's hope on the horizon in the form of innovative wrist support for carpal tunnel. 

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Topics: daily living, arm support

8 Ways To Improve Patient Safety in Healthcare

Posted by Irene Narayan on 27-Sep-2023 17:04:32

Patient safety is paramount in healthcare — it forms the foundation for delivering high-quality care and fostering positive health outcomes. From accurate patient identification and effective communication to infection control measures and the safe use of disability equipment, several elements play into a safe healthcare environment. 

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What Is Person-Centred Care?

Posted by Irene Narayan on 27-Sep-2023 14:52:24

In the world of healthcare, a paradigm shift is taking place — one that places the patient at the heart of the system. Gone are the days of the passive recipient of care, replaced by a collaborative approach that empowers individuals to become active participants in their own health journey — it’s called “person-centred care”. 

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The Benefits of Physiotherapy in Aged Care

Posted by Irene Narayan on 30-Aug-2023 16:41:58

As the need for specialised care for Older Australians in aged care facilities grows, it becomes increasingly important to understand the benefits of physiotherapy in meeting their unique needs. Physiotherapy plays a vital role in enhancing the well-being of older residents, addressing the physical challenges that come with aging and improving their overall quality of life.

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Topics: patient care, exercise therapy

What Are The Real Benefits of Hydrotherapy?

Posted by Irene Narayan on 29-Aug-2023 16:26:30

Hydrotherapy, a therapeutic approach that harnesses the healing properties of water, has gained recognition as a natural and holistic method for improving physical and mental well-being. With roots dating back centuries, hydrotherapy has evolved into a popular modality that offers a wide range of benefits.

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7 Features Of Adjustable Lift Chairs For Older Adults

Posted by Jouti Chowdhury on 13-Jul-2023 14:16:15

Finding the right lift chair for a family member is a decision that requires careful consideration and thoughtfulness. Whether it's for an ageing parent, a loved one with mobility challenges, or someone recovering from an injury, selecting the perfect lift chair can greatly enhance their comfort, independence, and overall well-being. 

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How To Use Our Most Popular Dining Aids

Posted by Jouti Chowdhury on 13-Jul-2023 10:51:53

If you have limited mobility, navigating the kitchen can be a challenge — you may encounter barriers in this fundamental part of daily life, like trouble opening jars and preparing ingredients. However, there’s a huge range of innovative and practical dining aids available that can help overcome these obstacles and empower you to enjoy your meals with ease and independence.

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How To Use Some of Our Most Popular Dressing Aids

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 18-Apr-2023 10:27:07

At Active Mobility, we understand the challenges many people with disabilities or limited mobility face when it comes to dressing independently. Everyday tasks like putting on socks, pants, shirts, or shoes can be challenging or even impossible without assistance, but with the right tools, these tasks can become easier and more manageable!

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