Guide To Standing Lifting Hoists

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 24-Mar-2020 14:10:00

Standing lifts are specifically designed to secure patients during transfers from a seated position to a standing position, enabling quicker, easier, and safer patient lifting and transfer for both the patient and the caregiver. Another name for it is sit to stand hoists.

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Guide To Our Most Popular Standing Transfer Equipment

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 07-Aug-2018 15:46:00

Manual Handling equipment allows carers to lift patients without injuring themselves. This is especially important for those who do standing transfers, where carers transfer patients to a standing position. If done incorrectly the carer could injure their back or the patient could be injured in the process of the transfer.

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Topics: Manual Handling, standing hoist, standing transfer equipment

A Buyer's Guide To Patient Lifting Hoists

Posted by Kristina Magathova on 17-Jul-2018 16:54:00

Patient lifts are a helpful tool not only for the patients themselves but also for their relatives and carers who look after them. Such devices aid in a patient’s transfer and at the same time reduce the risk of injury and back pain among the respective carers, who would otherwise have to manually lift the patient.

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