Slings University: Allegro Patient Lifting Slings

Posted by Kristina Magathova on 10-Dec-2019 14:10:00

As mentioned in our previous article (Introduction to Patient Lifting Slings),  Active Mobility Systems supplies various brands of Patient Lifitng Slings. The most common brands we stock are Allegro Concepts and Silvalea.

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Safety Guide For Handling Lifting Sling

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 28-Aug-2018 15:21:00

Lifting slings are incredibly useful aids that have helped patients with transfer issues all over the world. They are a powerful means of enhancing care and allowing patients to fulfil tasks on their own and reducing their dependence on others.

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Normal slings? Go specialized with AMS

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 07-Dec-2017 15:13:55

There comes a time where normal slings cannot be used due to a patient or environment’s unique situation. Therefore specialized slings are designed to address those issues and to help patients continue their daily routines unimpeded.

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