NDIS to cut funding for hearing impaired guide dogs

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 19-Oct-2017 14:00:00

Hearing is one of the five senses that we rely on every day of our lives. We wake up to the sound of our alarm clock, listen to music on the way to work and enjoy the conversations that we have in the evening.

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We have moved to Silverwater!

Posted by Kristina Magathova on 01-Sep-2016 08:30:00

Over 20 years ago, Active Mobility Systems opened their office at 30 James St Lidcombe. In 2008, we acquired the neighbouring premises and expanded into number 32.  Now, in 2016, having long out grown the space available, we have finally made the move and relocated to Silverwater. The 22nd of August was the first day for AMS employees in their brand new offices, warehouse and workshop.

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Seniors living as juniors

Posted by Kristina Magathova on 10-Dec-2015 11:55:42

Working-out, fitness, running or practicing any type of sport activity has recently become very popular with people of any age. Exercise helps to “restore” our brain in addition to treating anxiety or nervousness in our body and soul. Maintaining a regular exercise routine can be challenging for many of us. With our busy work and social lives, we have limited time to look after ourselves. And that is a problem...

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