8 Examples Of Manual Handling Equipment in Aged Care

Posted by Kristina Magathova on 25-May-2021 14:03:00

Older clients depend on their carers to assist them to move and transfer from one place to another safely and with dignity. It is necessary for carers to develop the skills to use manual handling equipment efficiently.

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Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 04-Dec-2018 12:51:00

The new Kingsdene Premium Change Tableis designed to address a wide range of manual handling issues and benefits both patient and carers. Its powered height adjustment allows for comfortable handling of the patient to the correct positional height of up to 975mm during procedures with enhanced safety and care.

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Recliner Lift Chairs below $1500

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 27-Nov-2018 16:18:00

Power lift chairs, or recliner chairs, are designed to elevate and tilt to allow patients to sit without too much trouble. Most reclining chairs feature a control box that allows for that very same lifting mechanism. You may find that while you’re browsing through our range of lifting chairs for sale that you see words such as ‘Single Motor’ or ‘Dual Motor’. Simply put it means that a single motor allows you to raise your legs or recline the backrest however it must be done in a certain order. On the other hand dual motors allows many more options than a single motor would be able to do such as having the backrest and legs move independent of each other.

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Guide To Our Most Popular Standing Transfer Equipment

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 07-Aug-2018 15:46:00

Manual Handling equipment allows carers to lift patients without injuring themselves. This is especially important for those who do standing transfers, where carers transfer patients to a standing position. If done incorrectly the carer could injure their back or the patient could be injured in the process of the transfer.

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Manual Handling Equipment - Air-assisted Transfer Devices

Posted by Kristina Magathova on 05-Oct-2017 15:40:58

There are a few different types of air-assisted transfer devices that can lift and transfer a person.

Inflatable mattresses transfer a person from bed to bed, and lifting devices that transfer a fallen person into a sitting position.

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Rolling on the bed: Manual versus mechanical options with Aideen Gallagher

Posted by Kristina Magathova on 31-Aug-2017 16:06:38

You are invited to the Lunch n Learn Series Seminar" Rolling on the bed: Manual or mechanical methods?", with Aideen Gallagher on the 27th September 2017.

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Lunch n Learn Series – Educational Workshop presented by Aideen Gallagher

Posted by Jo Shelswell on 10-Aug-2017 14:01:00

 On 26th July 2017 Aideen Gallagher from Manual Handling completed a day Lunch n Learn Series workshop including topics on Full lifting hoists, Standing hoists, Full lifting hoists, Toiletings slings.

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