HoistED Educational Workshop with Aideen Gallagher

Posted by Kristina Magathova on 31-May-2017 11:02:00

The HoistEd educational series teaches health professionals how to prevent injuries in the care of people with complex physical disabilities. Our vision is that every client with a disability is transferred with dignity and respect and the caregiver is safe and resourceful. We want every health professional advising on manual handling to do so with the confidence to solve problems using systematic methods, dealing with the needs of all parties and taking every opportunity equipment solutions offer, to eliminate manual handling.

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Topics: patient lifting, Hoists, occupatiional therapy, patient care

Portable Gantry System

Posted by Kristina Magathova on 23-Feb-2017 14:20:19

The Portable Gantry System is a practical, stable, and temporary solution for patients without permanently installed tracking systems in their homes, those who are hospitalised in a facility that does not operate with a ceiling tracking system, or in the case that the patient only has a temporary or short-term disability. Gantry system fully replaces ceiling tracking system, if people do not wish to reinstall their homes. 

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Topics: Hoists, ergolet, AMS, ceiling hoists, Gantry, tracking system

We have moved to Silverwater!

Posted by Kristina Magathova on 01-Sep-2016 08:30:00

Over 20 years ago, Active Mobility Systems opened their office at 30 James St Lidcombe. In 2008, we acquired the neighbouring premises and expanded into number 32.  Now, in 2016, having long out grown the space available, we have finally made the move and relocated to Silverwater. The 22nd of August was the first day for AMS employees in their brand new offices, warehouse and workshop.

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Topics: mobility, healthcare, Medical equipment, Hoists, weighing, patient care, senior, Power Mobility

Introducing Archability concept

Posted by Kristina Magathova on 31-Mar-2016 13:00:09

Active Mobility Systems participated in the biggest event within healthcare industry – Australian Healthcare Week 2016- annual meeting place for the Australia’s healthcare design, construction and technology industries and the gateway to the right providers for healthcare projects.  We are pleased that our new project - Archability concept had such a success during the 3 days of the tradeshow.

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Topics: mobility, healthcare, Hoists, Protac, hygiene, Archability, pellet, France reval, ergolet, Wi-Bo, Ulna

Ceiling Hoists vs. Floor Hoists

Posted by Kristina Magathova on 23-Dec-2015 15:10:46

Ceiling hoists are medical equipment for lifting, transferring and short distance transport of  immobile people, for example to and from bed, wheelchair, bathroom, toilet, pool… They are also useful for rehabilitation and gait training in hospitals, institutions, nursing homes and home care.



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Topics: patient lifting, Medical equipment, Hoists