Buyer's Guide To Disability Baths

Posted by Nicholas Sutedja on 01-Oct-2019 14:10:00

Personal hygiene and bathing are day-to-day activities that people do on a daily basis. However for those living with disability even the most basic of things can be difficult for them and that can lead to frustrations and a loss of dignity. Here at Active Mobility Systems our baths are made to order and help people living with disability with personal hygiene as well as assist their carers in their day-to-day hygiene duties.

Bagheera Electric Hi/Lo Bathtub

Reval’s Bagheera was designed for installation to be at the centre of your bathroom. Carers can freely move around the bath while still having permanent and unrestricted access to the control panel that’s built into the side of the bath. Meanwhile patients can comfortably rest their head at either end of the bath in addition to having curved interior lines, ergonomic hand rails and built in footrest.

Additionally the double bath shells provide sound and thermal insulation, which is fully utilised and appreciated during relaxing air whirpool baths. Safety is one of the most vital aspect during development with not only a control panel, but also an automatic water shut-off via solenoid valve with a double safety system that protects it against overflow and germs.

Other safety features includes a low 24v voltage operation, an emergency stop button on each side of the bath and you can activate an anti-crushing device by simply pressing the base. The bath can hold up to 280 litres of water with an SWL of 160kg.

Butterfly Bathtub

Able to take up to four people the Butterfly provides relaxation and is a cost effective solution for facilities as the surface mounted pool can be installed virtually anywhere you want. Designed to be a stand-alone product it gives carers 360o access and comes with a stainless steel surrounding handrails for safety.

Reinforced in acrylic the metallic stainless steel frame is equipped with 8 adjustable feet for height adjustment along with a thermostatic mixer and cleaning shower. It can hold up to 1800 litres of water with a dimension of 2480x2000x900mm.

Caleche Side Access Bathtub

Ideal for side transfer baths for either independent users or those that require assistance the Caleche is suitable for hospitals, sheltered accommodation, nursing and residential care facilities as it is both stylish and functional. The bath allows walk-in access through its side door, which also assists in side transfers from a wheelchair, commode chair, mobile and ceiling track hoists.

The Caleche’s compact design allows it to be installed in even the smallest of spaces while still having large internal dimensions for users up to 200kg and can take up to 205 litres of water. Additionally its large, lockable side access door provides added security.

Caprice Bath

Available in three height models the Caprice Bath is ideal for users who have reasonable mobility and are able to step in and out independently or with some assistance. The bath itself is deep and internally spacious to offer more room to stretch and relax along with being in complete harmony with the sensory concept and promotes relaxation and rehabilitation. Made from reinforced fibreglass the height can be adjusted via two 24 volt electric actuators along with having an integral shower system.

The Caprice’s lifter is made of steel with a polyurethane foam seat and backrest as well as stainless steel seating system and transfer chassis. Additional features include four 125mm pivoting brake castors and a polyurethane foam folding footrest.

The Caprice are also available with three spa options for added comfort and relaxation.

The Caprice has three height models available: fixed height, variable height and variable height with Integral Hoise and Transfer System.

Fixed Height

This version is highly affordable and is ideal for users who have reasonable mobility and are able to step in and out of the bath independently or with some assistance. If the user needs to be hoisted there is plenty of room under the bath to allow for a mobile hoist.

Variable Height

This stylish version takes the aches and pains out of daily bathing routines with a push-button high/low adjustment for a safer and comfortable nursing height. Additionally the height adjustment also enables the bath to be lowered to allow those with reasonable balance and mobility to step in and out; again like the fixed height there is still plenty of room to allow for a mobile hoist should there be need of one.

Variable Height with Integral Hoise and Transfer System

This advanced version features the latest in bathing technology and is designed to ease the stress and strain of daily transfers and bathing routine. With this model the user can be easily transferred in and out of the bath while the tub’s height can be adjusted at the press of a button.

This makes light and dignified work of transfers as well as reducing the risk of back pain for carers. Additionally the low profiling integral hoist saves space in the bathroom allow for more room to work in and eliminating serious trip hazards of a mobile hoist. Both the transfer system and hoist are made of non-corrosive steel and can be used as a wet room shower chair or over toilet commode.

Hopefully this summary of our baths assist you in making a decision the next time you’re thinking of a bath. In addition to baths we also sell hygiene equipment and bathing aids; if you’re ever in doubt give us a call or email to

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